PMJ_2Philip Mallory Jones, MFA



Media Art / Immersive Environments / Innovative Learning Experiences 

Curriculum Development and Implementation



Philip Mallory Jones’ career as an internationally recognized innovator in media art, creative storytelling, and instructional design spans more than four decades. He has incorporated digital modalities since 1990, in the design of online curricula, virtual world environments for teaching/learning, interactive edutainment media, web design, and immersive experiences for museum installation and stage performance. Mr. Jones is a certified online course designer and instructor, and an accomplished grants writer.

Mr. Jones’ distinctive visual and narrative style has garnered numerous national and international awards for his work in transposing the facts and essence of diverse histories and cultures into compelling story experiences for audiences via interactive and immersive environments, both physical and virtual, television, animation, print graphics and books.

Mr. Jones has studied the arts, histories and cultures of diverse peoples around the world, having done research and media production in The Caribbean, West and Southern Africa, India, the South Pacific, and Europe. He brings this trove of knowledge, experience and perspective to his work in 3D modeling and simulation, 2D graphics, animation, game design, virtual reality, video, audio, film, photography, and writing.

Throughout his career, Mr. Jones has worked successfully in creative teams and artistic collaborations, often for extended time periods with team members dispersed nationally or internationally. Whether as a team leader, co-creator or role-player, Mr. Jones values and thrives in the process of working with other professionals from multiple disciplines toward a shared vision.

Mr. Jones has held faculty positions at several universities, including The Batza Distinguished Scholar in Art and Art History at Colgate University, and earned the Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at Cornell University.

Tool Box:

Adobe Creative Suite, Unity 3D, SketchUp, DAZ 3D, Carrara 3D, Final Cut, MOODLE CMS, Second Life, Keynote, MS Office Suite

Work Summary:

2016_Visiting Artist, Rebuild Foundation, Chicago. IL

2015_Visiting Artist, School of Communications, Loyola U., Chicago, IL

2015_Resident Artist, Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY

2015_The Vo-Du Macbeth, Essence Jazz Festival, New Orleans, July, 2015

  • Theatrical Projection design for Drama/Dance/Music/Media performance collaboration. Written and Directed by Lenwood Sloan, Music by Jason Butler, Sound Scape by William Turley, Produced by Warren Valantino

2014_Doxology Ring Shout – Praise Dance for the Doxy, National Black Arts Festival, Atlanta, GA

  • Theatrical Projection design for Drama/Dance/Music/Media performance collaboration. Written & Directed by Paul Carter Harrison, Choreography by Dianne McIntyre, Music by Dwight Andrews

2013_Black Metropolis Heritage Area Commission, Chicago, IL

  • web design incorporating interactive immersive environments for history, culture, and architectural simulation of vanished neighborhoods

2011-13_Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Department of Learning and Innovation

  • The Extended Collection Project: course design and delivery for a prototype blended training program for museum education staff incorporating virtual worlds and MOODLE CMS
  • create virtual gallery simulations as teaching/learning environments for students, and      installation design models for curatorial staff
  • lecture to museum staff and public audience on transformations of the museum visitor experience through use of immersive technologies
  • The Painters’ Mind: design online course for museum staff and public audience on analysis of the art, practice and history of painting, based on the writing and art of Romare Bearden, incorporating interactive immersive environments

2011_Third Sun Solar, Athens, OH

  • 3D modeling and rendering of architectural visualizations for commercial project

2010-11_Arizona State University/Arizona State Department of Education

  • design components for blended course, incorporating virtual worlds and MOODLE CMS, for high school teachers in rural Arizona to raise their skills to meet State teacher standards

2006-10_Resident Artist, Aesthetic Technologies Lab, College of Fine Arts, and VITAL (Virtual Interactive Technology and Art Lab), Russ College of Engineering and Computer Science, Ohio University, Athens, OH

  • Principal job responsibilities: create innovative art installations and teaching/learning environments in Second Life synthetic world.
  • 2010_monograph, Aesthetic Technologies
  • 2009_Bronzeville Etudes & Riffs, an immersive graphic novel prototype development in Second Life
  • 2008_Black Entrepreneurs of the 18th and 19th Centuries_immersive installation in Second Life, commissioned by Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
  • 2008_monograph, First Life to Second Life
  • 2007_In the Sweet Bye & Bye, An Immersive Memoir_immersive installation in Second Life
  • 2006_design and deliver grad-level course, Immersive and Interactive Technologies in Studio Art

2002-present_Alchemy Media Publishing, Atlanta, GA/Chicago, IL

  • Co-Founder and Creative Director
  • 2014-present_design Dateline: Bronzeville_a First Person Mystery Adventure game for console and Virtual Reality
  • 2011-present_design augmented reality museum installation and destination web site Time Machine: The Chicago Renaissance
  • 2009-2013_design new form of storytelling computer game Bronzeville Etudes & Riffs, an immersive graphic novel
  • 2004_print design Lissen Here!, book poetry and image compositions
  • 2002-2004_design and produce interactive DVD prototype for  The Black Legacy Series
  • 2002-2004_production design for stage performance_The Vo-Du Macbeth Opera, work-in-progress staged at National Black Arts Festival 2002
  • 2002_interactive CD/ROM and web site Alchemy Media

2002-03_Colgate University, Hamilton, NY

  • Batza Distinguished Scholar in Art and Art History
  • Courses: History and Theory of Cinema, Video Art Production I & II, Video Art Independent Study
  • programmer for weekly public film series

1991-2000_Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

  • Resident Artist, Institute for Studies in the Arts, College of Fine Arts
  • Principal job responsibilities: design and produce innovative media art projects, research dynamics and best practice in multidisciplinary art/technology collaboration
  • 2001_Doxology Opera_member of collaborative creative team
  • 2001_Mirrors & Smoke_ design and produce a disc-based interactive performance, integrating 3D animation, immersive interactive environment, storytelling and dance
  • 1999_Journeys_design a 3D virtual model for a gallery installation
  • 1997_The Negro Ensemble Company_design and produce an interactive CD-ROM
  • 1992-96_First World Order_produce video on the world-wide African Diaspora for Public Television, interactive CD/ROM, and web site
  • 1992_Paradigm Shift_design and produce a video animation. Broadcast on public television in the U.S. and France. Commissioned by the Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, American Center in Paris, and Bohen Foundation

1991_Experimental Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

  • commissioned multichannel video installations, Footprints, Dreamkeeper, Mask

1990-91_State University of New York at Fredonia, Fredonia, NY

  • Assistant Professor, Communications Department
  • Courses: Introduction to Image and Sound, History of Video Art, Media Criticism, Television Production

1987-89_Howard University, Washington, DC

  • Assistant Professor, Film/Television/Radio Department
  • Courses: Screenplay Writing (grad), History of African-American Cinema, Television Production I

1984-87_Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Radio/Television, Park School of Communications
  • Courses: Television/Radio Production I and II, Television Directing, Video Field Production

1971-84_Ithaca Video Projects, Inc., Ithaca, NY

  • Co-founder, Director
  1. February 5, 2014 at 1:58 am

    My Brother this is wonderful. I know Mr Saulter, and saw this site. I want to a study guide for programs we do as teaching artist for schools based on the teaching of the Moorish Science Temple of America,Inc Prophet Noble Drew Ali founder, of which i am a member.

  2. Lance Wisniewski
    October 5, 2014 at 10:38 am

    Thinking of you often. Glad I finally tracked you down. Are you living in Chicago or Minneapolis? I would love to catch up.

    • Philip Mallory Jones
      October 5, 2014 at 11:57 am

      Greetings, Lance! Many thanks for contacting me. Very glad to hear from you. I recently moved to the Atlanta, GA area. Yes, indeed, let’s catch up. philipmalloryjones@yahoo.com

  3. April 25, 2017 at 2:11 am

    Wow, You have an awesome portfolio can you guide a little bit that how to become a good animated video maker.

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