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Philip Mallory Jones

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Philip Mallory Jones has worked with video, audio, film, photography, and writing for artistic, commercial, and scholarly endeavors since 1969, and has incorporated digital media since 1990.

His current work includes designing immersive experience and learning environments using digital 3D modeling and video game technologies, virtual and augmented reality, theatrical projection, and creating books.

Mr. Jones is co-founder and Creative Director for Alchemy Media Publishing, Inc., Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL. (2002 – present).

Mr. Jones was co-founder and Director of Ithaca Video Projects (1971- 1985), one of the pioneering media arts centers, and Director/Curator of the Annual Ithaca Video Festival (1974 – 1983), the first juried touring collection of video art.

His most recent academic position was Resident Artist at the Aesthetic Technologies Lab, College of Fine Arts, The Ohio University (2006 – 2010). He was also Resident Artist at the Institute for Studies in the Arts, College of Fine Arts, Arizona State University (1991 – 2000), and Batza Distinguished Scholar in Art and Art History, Colgate University (2002 -2003), among other faculty appointments.

His work has been broadcast and exhibited in North America, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Africa, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.


In 1989, he was curator of ICONO NEGRO: The Black Aesthetic In Video Art, at the Long Beach Museum of Art. In 2001, he received the National Black Programming Consortium “Prized Pieces” award for The Negro Ensemble Company interactive CD-ROM. In 2002, Mr. Jones received the Arizona Governor’s Award in the Arts, for his digital paintings.

Mr. Jones has been an invited presenter at the International Film Seminars’ Flaherty Conference in 2001, 1989, and 1986. He has been an invited presenter at The National Black Arts Festival, Atlanta, GA, in 2014, 2002, 2000, and 1990. His major museum exhibitions include The Museum of Modern Art, NYC, The Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, and The Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Mr. Jones’ work has been supported by the College of Fine Arts, and the Russ College of Engineering and Computing Sciences, The Ohio University (2006 -10); Rockefeller International Media Arts Fellowship (2004, 1995); Arizona Commission on the Arts (2002); Columbia College at Chicago (2001); Arizona State University Public Events (1998); National Black Programming Consortium (1994); Independent Television Service (1993,1981); Ford Foundation (1993); National Endowment for the Arts (1992); New York State Council on the Arts (1991); Whitney Museum of American Art (1991); American Center in Paris (1991); Bohen Foundation (1991); Western States Regional Media Arts Fellowship (1991); Smithsonian Institution Experimental Gallery (1991); Television Laboratory at WNET/13 (1979,1975); Corporation for Public Broadcasting (1979); American Film Institute (1976); National Endowment for the Arts (1973–1984); New York State Council on the Arts (1972–1984); Creative Artists Public Service Program (1972, 1974).

Mr. Jones has engaged in developing online curriculum for The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Arizona State Department of Education, and other agencies. He has been commissioned to create 3D architectural and terrain visualizations for The Black Metropolis National Heritage Area Commission, Chicago, IL, and commercial clients.

Mr. Jones’ art portfolio includes computer game designs, theatrical projection designs, limited edition books text/image books, film and video animations, broadcast video, interactive digital disc-based works, multimedia installations and theatrical performances. Mr. Jones has also, created sculptures in acrylic plastics and airborne kinetic forms (kites), and studied drumming as ritual practice.

Mr. Jones’ academic credentials include the MFA in Creative Writing from Cornell University (1971), and the BA (English Composition) from Beloit College (1969).