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This group of 2D collage images marks a shift in my focus, or a coming back around from the other side. After decades of research, travel, and media production in far-off locales, I began telling stories out of my own memory, real and imagined.

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7032 South Wabash (1999)

My home and family, South Side Chicago, 1950s. Originally conceived as a gift for my mother, Dorothy Mallory Jones. Memoir. Each element has its own story, its piece of the family lore. Meditation.

Dance for Absent Partners (2002)

The Sisterhood performs the ancient rites that help to sustain the family and community, in spite of adversity and separation. Began as set design for scene in The Doxology Opera, by Paul Carter Harrison. Lore and legend.

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Dream of Distant Shores (2002)

Inspired by the b/w photo, taken by my father, Harold Brooks Jones, on a chilly and overcast Fall day, on the South Side, circa 1955.

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Points of View (2002)

Inspired by poems by Dorothy Mallory Jones, and Romare Bearden’s The Block.

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Story Time (2006)

Inspired by the b/w photo, taken by my father, Harold Brooks Jones, of my mother reading my favorite story – Bongo the Circus Bear, circa 1950. The wonder of it all.