A collaboration with Dorothy Mallory Jones, poet, historian, novelist, and my mother. Her poetic text, my image compositions. Large format, hand-printed, limited edition.


“This book began life as a meld of black history and a celebration of black womanhood. It is factual, anecdotal, autobiographical. It is born of remembered snatches of my own, and anybody else’s family lore; of provocative family nick-names; of the knotted, worked out hands of my grandmother, folded so patiently in her lap. It is the fruit of a lifetime of standing back and watching the relentless energies of a race of stricken people, steadily galvanizing toward liberation. It is listening, always listening, to the cadence, the flow, the pungent getting-to-the-heart of it, that is our speech.” Dorothy Mallory Jones


“The image compositions are derived from our family archive, the work of photographers with whom I’ve worked, and “found” photos discarded in the amnesia of generational transition.” Philip Mallory Jones


With respects to Sweet Fly Paper of Life, by Langston Hughes and Roy DeCarava (1955).


“Art is made from other art.” Romare Bearden