mind maps

The mind maps are research compilation and organizing tools for developing the narrative threads and episodes, and the navigation paths.

Narrative and Navigation Map:
This map plots characters, scenes/episodes, locations, embedded content, and teleport paths. See the LEGEND, upper right corner, for symbol code.

Narrative and Navigation


Historical Street Maps: NE / NW / SE /SW

Quadrant street maps of the area between 31 St. on the North to 65 St. on the South, and Cottage Grove on the East to State St. on the West. Places, persons, events, dates are noted and located on the street grid. These maps are ongoing repositories for notes, images, references, and links which are embedded in the location nodes. The intersection of 47th St. and South Parkway is the center of the maps.





Use the zoom tool at the bottom of each map to enlarge/reduce the field of view.

  1. March 1, 2012 at 6:27 am

    the structure and methology of the mind maps is very interested
    I am into black history, architectuer and community affairs
    I think i may have some scans, etc that may be helpfull in your work
    check my blogs

    archthen.wordpress and jazzbluesidiom.wordpress for the types of things i am posting

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