Negro Ensemble Company (1997)

nec insert_4a

Design Intention: Create a prototype CD-ROM program using 3D modeled space as an immersive learning and research environment. Convey the history and significance of the original Negro Ensemble Company.


Collaboration: Katherine Milton, interactive design; Gus Edwards, playwright, and member of the original Negro Ensemble Company.



Technology Vectors: This project is built on the emerging desktop computer performance, and low-cost 3D modeling and animation software of 1997. This project strained system and CD-ROM playback capabilities, but did succeed as an effective demonstration of the concept and approach.

nec room_4a.

Source material includes archival photos, press clippings, scripts and notes, video and audio recordings.



Produced at the Institute for Studies in the Arts, College of Fine Arts, Arizona State University. Richard L. Loveless, Director.


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